A Wine Named Luke.


This wine is a tribute to my Dad, Bruce Kent Osborne. It is vintage 2016, the same vintage that I am typing, and I am pre-selling it to raise money for a miracle.


At the beginning of this harvest, we learned of Dad’s diagnosis of Pancreatic cancer. Receiving a phone call like this between vineyards, on our way to a pick, took me far from where I physically sat. It was a long drive that day, and by the time we reached vineyard number two I knew that a) I couldn’t fly to Montana that night as three tons of Grenache were waiting to become ours, and b) I had to do all I could to keep my incredible father in this world, and maybe these grapes could help me do it.


And so a wine was born: a blend of the two most incredible grapes I know, Graciano and Grenache. 55% Graciano, from Shake Ridge Ranch ~ the vineyard we had just left upon receiving the phone call ~ and 45% Grenache from Provisor Vineyard, where my baby and I had sunrise prayers the next day.

Incredible presence meets the definition of grace.


 The wine is called Luke, in celebration of one of the dearest tributes to friendship I know.
All proceeds will go to my father’s challenging year ahead, as that is the time frame they have given him, and why the wine will be pre-sold whilst in barrel. A barrel called Luke.

A Wine Named Luke


A blend of the two most incredible grapes I know: Graciano and Grenache.
In its homeland of northern Spain, Graciano is heralded for its divine perfume, its finesse, and the strength of character that imparts strength to all it meets.

Grenache exudes the same quiet strength, though more from the yin side of the circle… It is my vinous definition of grace, and has been the grape of my heart since 2002.

To complete the divine connection, Graciano is the spanish word for Grace.

To your grace, Dad xxx
55% Graciano / 45 % Grenache
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750ml, 1.5L

And some insight into the name…. As a typically fun-loving lad in his twenties, Dad began to call all of his favorite people Luke. His female friends, his male friends, any waiter or bartender who had the good grace of enjoying an evening with his laughter… The name became synonymous with fun, with friendship, with humour, and with him. To see Dad with all of his friends now, is a funny thing. Their twenties were a few moons ago for everyone now, yet everyone stills calls each other Luke. And when they dine together, the reservation is always under Luke. “Table for Luke?”, brings instant smiles from all in attendance.
Dad lives in Montana now with his beautiful new bride, and his tribe of Lukes are scattered across the US (and one in NZ). But I know what name he still makes his dinner reservations under, and how the phone calls begin and end with his most precious friends. There will soon be 555 bottles of Luke to continue the celebration. And 55 Magnums…
Dad’s lucky number is 5, and I am bringing in the magic with all the 5s I can muster.
All bottles and magnums of Luke will be delivered to their new homes in September 2017. Shipping to be charged at the time of release. Please contact me with any questions, or prayers, or news of miracles xxx